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Prepare for AI in your Organization

Acorn can help you create and execute a comprehensive data strategy to help you prepare for AI.

Data is fast becoming one of the most, if not the most valuable asset for any organization. Most AI technologies will perform best when they have a high volume of data from a variety of sources. As such, Acorn can help develop a well-structured and actionable strategy with regards to both internal and external data for any organization. Internal data will need to be organized in ways that enable and support the agile development of new analytics insights and capabilities. With external data, firms must focus on securing access to data that enriches and complements their internal data sets. The real challenge will be gaining access in a cost-efficient way. Acorn can help with this. As the external data ecosystem continues to expand it will likely remain highly fragmented, making it quite difficult to identify high-quality data at a reasonable cost. Overall, data strategy will need to include a variety of ways to obtain and secure access to external data, as well as ways to combine this data with internal sources.

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