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Feasibility Studies and Business Plans

A detailed feasibility study, including a thorough market analysis, competitive and market intelligence identification of business opportunities, a business plan and a financial proforma, is an essential element in the due diligence process when assessing any new health services or business ventures.

Whether considering new medical service lines, an expansion of your current operations or any other type of healthcare business ventures, a feasibility study is an essential planning tool.

Acorn Research has completed numerous health services feasibility studies for the medical community in the GCC in our 12+ years as a healthcare consulting firm, and we are uniquely qualified in healthcare operations. Our staff of experts include individuals who have spent decades as operations executives in the healthcare industry, overseeing multiple acquisitions, facility building projects, and new program developments in acute care, long-term care and outpatient physician practice settings, just to name a few. They’ve also been responsible for the ongoing operations of these developments.

With each engagement we employ methodologies that we have perfected over decades. We utilize proprietary tools and innovative technologies that are cutting edge in the areas of assessment, benchmarking, and financial modeling to name a few. Our added value is a constant communication with our clients to keep them informed and include them as active participants in the necessary steps toward their organization’s successful future.

We work throughout the GCC and abroad, so Contact us and let us help you explore the potential of your next project.