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Theralase Technologies Inc.

Theralase Technologies Inc. designs, develops and manufactures patented, super-pulsed laser technology used in a wide range of bio-stimulation and bio-destruction clinical applications. The Theralase technology platform targets several diverse healthcare sectors: firstly, for non-invasive pain management and clinical therapy, in hundreds of neural muscular skeletal conditions, including arthritis; secondly, to bio-stimulate and accelerate wound care and healing, including bone fracture regeneration; and thirdly, combining photodynamic compounds with super-pulsed, biofeedback laser technology to attack specifically targeted cancer, bacteria, viruses and fat cells.
Their highly trained team continuously strives to bring latest technology, superior customer support (technical and marketing) and training, in order to contribute to the success of their practice. Theralase® also operates a full service medical rehabilitation clinic (located in Toronto, Ontario) for training and education of healthcare practitioners. For more information about our technology, products or services , please visit Theralase website or call any of Acorn offices and will be more than happy to assist you.