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Medisolve is specialized in patient-centric self-care tools such as kiosks in waiting rooms and exam rooms. A recent article published by one of the hospitals using our technology reports cutting triage time in half with our kiosks. Medisolve's highly interoperable Back End application suite easily integrates with hospital information systems. Using kiosk for Eligibility and CO-Pay will enable you to do the following: Verify insurance coverage and benefits Accept patient payments for co-pay the kiosk Route the data to the hospital's registration system Traditional patient intake requires a clinician to go through a long checklist. This process is 50% expert independent at least. Clinicians are a high cost resource and highly educated critical decision makers. Forcing the clinicians to carry out simple screening and calculating task clutters their already overwhelmed daily task schedules. Medisolve's solution corrects inefficiencies in the existing workflow and improves care delivery productivity. Our combination of expertise, customized technology and strong partnerships with industry leading companies will help your organization succeed to operate more effectively without having to make a grand investment.