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Our clients trust us to provide them with the best and reliable insights and market shaping AI solutions that will lead to their businesses short term and long term success.

Acorn’s clients are amongst the top organizations in the Middle East including government authorities and private companies that want to change their organizations and want to reduce cost inefficiencies while ensuting optimal performance and quality metrics.

We meet clients wherever they are on their paths to transform and improve - in every industry but with a focus on the Middle East.

Acorn works with over 650 clients in the MENA region and is amongst the fastest growing companies in the GCC. Clients depend on relevant and accurate data and bespoke solutions to every challenge. Client Value Creation is one of our core values.

Acorn’s clients build successful businesses by relying on our in-depth data analyses and consultancy services. The reliability of Acorn’s business resources is reflected in our exceptional client retention.

Organizations are now facing daunting challenges as well as the grim effects of Covid-19. They need to manage ever-deeper issues and faster change. They need to understand how mega-trends and digitization affect the market and their business. The more prepared they are the better they will be able to react. Acorn’s clients look to for guidance in answering key questions affecting their short-term and long-term success.