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Retail and Consumer Products

Retail and Consumer Products

Growth is essential for retail and consumer products companies, but in today’s economic environment growth is declining throughout the industry. Retailers worldwide always needed to adapt to changes in customer behavior and threats from their competition and now the effects of Covid 19.

The development of digital technologies is fundamentally changing consumer’s shopping habits and how companies compete for their clients. There are new opportunities for growth today, but only companies that are able to adjust quickly, manage change effectively, reduce costs, restructure and change their strategies will be able to achieve growth and ultimately able to survive as products and brands.

Acorn Research helps retail executives assess the impact of changes in the market on their market shares, productivity and profit. Acorn’s research based recommendations will support these companies to make the right decisions, to improve their business and enhance the customer experience, navigating the right path through the complex array of options that can make the difference between competitive success and failure.

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