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Acorn Research works with the major health authorities in the UAE, Egypt and other GCC countries to help them improve their strategies and ultimately creating value healthcare providers and patient safety which is the final goal for every healthcare facility

Acorn Research has 600+ clients in the GCC alone.

Acorn Research was a contracted Auditing Firm by the Health Authority Abu Dhabi for 10 years and has successfully completed over 700 audits for healthcare facilities.

Acorn has also completed numerous feasibility studies and due diligence studies for “first time concepts” to be introduced in the Middle East. Over 120 engagements were successfully completed.

Acorn was founded primarily to offer its comprehensive consultancy services exclusively tailored for the healthcare market in the Middle East, so this remains its premier area of focus. Acorn Research has an exclusive Healthcare Consultancy Division staffed with medical professionals and business consultants.

Acorn’s talent pool and experience in the region is instruments in achieving its goal which is to help its clients to overcome challenges to manage funding gaps and improve the care quality whilst operating within a changing regulatory environment. Health care providers must learn to adjust and transform their business models at a fast pace to deliver cost-competitive services that improve patient outcomes and at the same time guarantee sustainable growth of the organization.

Located in Dubai Healthcare City, Acorn Research is strategically positioned to be a part of the future healthcare vision of the region.

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