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Financial Services

Financial Services

From banking and insurance to wealth management and securities distribution, Acorn’s dedicated financial services teams since 2007 have been serving all major sectors of the industry.

In today’s ever changing economic environment financial institutions are facing unprecedented market challenges amidst Covid 19. Cost pressures are higher than ever, business models are continuously transforming and customer behaviors is changing to adjust to the digital and technological innovations that are conquering the industry. At the same time, regulators are releasing new rules and regulations, putting the industry under increased scrutiny. Only the institutions that are able to adapt will maintain or even improve their profitability, while others will fail.

The business leaders in the banking and investments industry must invest in the right insight to support growth, maintain margins and achieve compliance. Acorn has recognized this need for a clear strategy, outstanding business and operating models, and disciplined execution so it is offering its clients access to the expertise of top industry analysts and provides them the critical insights they need to gain a competitive advantage to grow their business in a sea of commoditized banking products and increasing global regulation.

Acorn is delivering a comprehensive research-based analysis and actionable advice on selected industry-specific developments, challenges and trends for banking and investment executives by surveying the most active segments in the industry and the general industry’s landscape.

Acorn also offers financial advisory services for banks as well as consulting on investment banking products and trainings on required banking regulations and security compliance.

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