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About us

Acorn Research Group is the leading provider of Management Consulting, Predictive Analytics and BeSpoke Innovative Solutions for the Middle Eastern Markets in Healthcare, Oil and Gas and Governments.

Named as one of the Top 40 most innovative firms in the Middle East, Acorn is the preeminent source for in-depth business research and analysis, artificial intelligence, training, and bespoke solutions. Acorn has been recognized and awarded for its innovative Artificial Intelligence solutions for Governments, Predictive Analytics and business intelligence.

Acorn Research has, as its core primary scientific business, developed risk adjustment and predictive modeling tools that forecast future risk burden, expenditures and utilization expectations, as well as explain cost and utilization retrospectively.

Our models and tools have been used in the UAE for forecasting budgets and resource expectations. At its core is Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Modelling as well as Healthcare Fraud, Waste and Abuse Detection Solutions.


Our People

Acorn attracts, retains, and develops the best and brightest individuals. With a team of over 200 consultants, we excel in what we offer our clients.

These experts have technical know-how and expertise in Healthcare, Energy, Telecom, Oil and Gas, Retail, FMCG, Pharmaceutical, Banking and Government. 

Our dedicated divison for Healthcare Solutions set us apart from everyone. Our team includes experts in Health Economics, Healthcare Analytics and AI, Medicine, Certified Coders, Certified Auditors, Certified Trainers and CDI specialits.

We have a dediated team for specialised Recovery Medical Audits with a focus on Fraud, Waste and Abuse Detection (FWA). We developed the UAE's first FWA Detection Solution, INTELHealth FWA based on AI and a very large data set, with algorithms and data models built around "local requirements". A First of its kind bespoke solution to tackle Fraud, Waste and Abuse in the Healthcare System designed for the Middle East. Both Healthcare Payors and Providers will benefit tremendously from this solution and will reduce healthcare costs.

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Innovative and Exclusive Initiatives

  • Proudly named one of the Top 40 most innvotive firms in the Middle East by Innov Health, endorsed by the Ministry of Heath, UAE

  • Completed over 500 feasibility studies and business plans in the GCC for internation and local clients accross all industries. 

  • Over 650 clients in the GCC accross Healthcare, Oil and Gas, Banking and Finance, FMCG and Retail and growing.

  • Acorn is the proud representative of the College of American Pathologists in the UAE since 2008.

  • Acorn competed the Regions first Artifical Intelligence Solution for the Health Authority in Abu Dhabi in 2009. The project was declared unprecedented globally and provided the Authority with predictive analytics on disease trends in real time and the impact on budgeting. Acorn won an innovative award for this project. 

  • Over 12 years of experience in Auditng (Fraud Waste and Abuse Detection ) and advisory services in the GCC. First to develop INTELHealth, an AI based Fraud, Waste and Abuse Detection Platform for Payors and Providers and Ministies and Finance.

  • We are pioneers in many initiaives and the first to introduce Medical Coding, Medical Coding Training, CDI Training, Clinical Coding Audits in the GCC since 2007

  • Acorn has recently introduced Clinical Documentation Improvement Training in collaboration with global leaders, ACDIS, the global leaders in CDI. 

  • Acorn Research has set a trend for a new era in research and analytics: automated research, artificial intelligence and Business Intelligence in real time. We provide all our clients with all recommendations and a fully executable action plan, with customized workshops when required and enhance the team to adapt to the changes made through the recommendations. This added value has made us the most requested and reliable research firm Regionally and Internationally.