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About Acorn Research

We are an Award winning leading Canadian owned management consulting firm, where innovative thinking, advanced know how and a passion for improving come together for outstanding results. 

Acorn Research is a leading and trusted provider of authoritative data, business intelligence, cost reduction solutions and artificial Intelligence solutions for the Middle Eastern markets since 2007. 

Acorn was the first to offer many innovative and bespoke solutions to the UAE Government. Having led some of the regions most innovative and unprecendented initiative globally, Acorn was named one of the Top 40 most innovative firms in the Middle East by the Minitsty of Health and InnovHealth in the United Arab Emirates.

We have been recognised for our Artificial Intelligence Solutions, Research Solutions Design, Management Consulting, business intelligence, customized trainings, FWA Detection Solutions and Audits, Medical MalPractice Consulting and Industry research. Our clients rely on Acorn’s insights and analysis for their business growth and future development regionally and globally.

Acorn Research FZ LLC was established in 2007 to focus solely on the Middle Eastern market to provide innovative consulting solutions based on research.