Acorn is a syndicated intelligence company with leading market positions in healthcare and recognized innovative research products design, online intelligence, business intelligence and media research. Our clients rely on Acorn insights and analysis for their business growth and future regionally & globally.    


Acorn is a Market Leader in all its solutions and services. We adopt only innovative, unique methods that are proprietory to acorn research. We measure markets and trends at the customer points and report it back real time. We offer customized consumer research services focused on specific issues and opportunities, using the most advanced research methods in the world. We evaluate and forecast the potential markets for new products. We identify and help clients reach specific consumer segments. In Acorn we track the results of marketing and sales programs. Acorn provides advanced analytical services for marketing and merchandising planning. Acorn also provides integrated combinations of products and services aimed at providing revolutionary solutions to clients’ key issues. Acorn Research was the first in the world to adopt such pioneering solutions and are currently exclusive offerings within Acorn. Our services help clients understand competitive results, diagnose and solve problems, improve brand and banner performance, develop and launch new products and identify new growth opportunities.


In Acorn we provide market-focused intelligence, through an integrated information research system that help businesses enter markets more effectively and efficiently.
Serving more than 30 individual industries, spanning the entertainment, marketing, media & visual arts, retail, healthcare and building design industries, Acorn provides business-to-business products and services in print, online and in person using the lated technology and with the utilization of our proprietary automated research process with integrated quality control procedures to eliminate any margin of error.

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Acorn Research announces Partnership with BinSina Group of Pharmacies

A first in the world initiative to provide research terminals in the pharmacies
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Acorn Research Releases Report on "Health Information Initiatives"

Examining ways health information and communications technology
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Acorn Research conducts the first nationwide research on illicit drugs for the Arab Nations

As one of the first unprecedented initiative to gather data on one of the most challenging
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Acorn Research in partnership with Verisk Health and Flicker Technologies develop the first of its kind Life Expectancy Tool

An unprecedented iniitiative
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